Wednesday, April 13, 2011

God is Green

I saw a small, round bumper sticker on a van in the library parking lot this afternoon that said "God is Green". That struck a chord with me, it was like a little whisper of fresh green truth. I wanted to stop and take a picture of it with my phone but I was on my bike and there were people and moving vehicles around so it was awkward. I kept pedalling, but thought about how God is Green all the way home.

God is Green in the spring, when all the plants and flowers and trees awaken from their winter rest and start to grow again, sending new leaves and shoots and freshness into the rainy, sunny springtime. God is Green when you see deer from within your car on the way to somewhere you forget for a moment in the awe of seeing those creatures. God is Green because we keep getting another chance to stop polluting our earth, to clean up our acts, to do something worthwhile and good and - green.

Recycle, donate, reuse, repurpose, or just clean up a small part of our shared world and remember: God is Green.

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